Rent To Own Homes In California: How To Get The Best Listing?

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Are you looking for rent to own homes in California? If you say YES, then in this article I will give 3 different ways to access one of the most comprehensive listings for the State of California.

However before I get to that, let’s learn some basic facts about the State of California.

Why Is California One of the best places To Seek Rent To Own Homes?

I can quickly give you 5 reasons why the State of California is one of the best places to buy live in the US.

  1. Although we all know that California is one of the priciest states in the US, some cities are still having the cheapest cost of living in CA. You just have to know how to found them. According to Marketwatch the following 5 cities are the cheapest places to live in California:
  • Ventura: At Ventura you can enjoy free parking, less traffic, good seafood, nice harbors, and wineries.
  • Vacaville: If you like saving money and eating nice Mexican foods, enjoy having a farm, then you should consider Vacaville.
  • Camarillo: At Camarillo you will enjoy more than 3 months of suns and have more community’s activities.
  • Oxnard: Oxnard is the strawberry place as it grows the one-third of the California strawberry consumption. It has a lot of cultural attraction places as well.
  • Simi Valley: you should consider Simi Valley if you are looking for a place with the cheapest cost of living and the most convenient transportation system.

2. The price of rent has currently reduced in LA and Orange County due to the fact that financiers are buying a lot of foreclosed houses. Therefore the supply in rent has increased making the prices fall in LA and Orange County.

3. Southern If you like topnotch surfing beaches, a warm-weather, or visiting a zoo then check out San Diego and Orange County beaches like Huntington city know as USA surf city, Victoria Beach, and Salt Creek Beach.

4. The 21 Catholic missions in the California State from the 1st mission De Alcala of San Diego to the 21st one of Sonoma will make you have an idea of the oldest history of the US.

5. If you like states with a mixture of ecosystems, definitely you will need to consider California as it has it all from its Mojave Desert to the Mediterranean region to Humboldt forest.

I know that for someone looking for rent to own homes in California, it is normal to be wondering …

What is the average rent in California?

According to CNBC in the US California has the 2nd most expensive rent after Hawaii. Does that mean it is not worth staying in California? No! It all depends on what you are trying to achieve in the State. The reasonable rent in California varies from $700 in County, CA Modoc for a two-bedroom apartment to $2,809 in San Francisco CA for a two-bedroom apartment.

Do Rent To Own Homes Have Any Benefits?

  • The best opportunity for poor people even those with bad credit scores
  • No down payment to make
  • You do not need to complete the payment before you start living in the home
  • Avoid paying rent and start paying for a home you will own in the future

How To Get The Best Rent To Own Homes In California?

I am going to give 3 options to get access to the best rent to own homes listing in California:

If you are looking to get an RTO home, home for lease, or the hottest foreclosure homes, RentOwnhomeslistings should be your go-to source as it is one of the most popular property listing in the US. I am talking of the listings that are normally reserved for realtors which you can quickly access before it is too late. The potentials of this website are endless. Click here to find the home you like and initiate the process of owning a home in which you could be probably next week.

Rentandownlistings will make your home search easier. Please do not kill your dream of having a home. Yes, you can still achieve it. Why? It does not entail a loan backed by any bank. It doesn’t require you have an excellent or good credit score to look for your dream and have an agreement to rent it to own it, instead of only renting it. Think of putting money towards a home which you will be a landlord of in the future. Click here to find the home in California you love and start today the process of becoming a landlord in the future.

By using Rent2ownHelper you will be able to get the type of home you are looking for, put an end to rents, and begin the process of becoming an owner. If you are interested in RTO nationwide that is lower than $200,000 maybe for a small family, then you will need to consider Rent2ownhelper. Click here to discover the latest available RTO homes in California with pricing.


Getting the right rent-to-own homes listing in California may be time-consuming if you do not know where to search. With the 3 platforms provided in this post, you will be able to access a good number of RTO listings fast.


There are affiliate links on this article. This means that, if you click to do your research I will be paid a small commission. This however will not cost you any money.

Issiak is a CPA Marketing blogger. He is here to help you with the best offers available out there!

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