Walmart Sweepstakes: How Can You Get A Chance To Receive A Gift Card?

Walmart sweepstakes are contests in which Walmart prizes are granted to the winner. If you want to win $1000, $500, $100, and $50 then you will not want to miss the hot sweepstakes available in this article.

Are you ready? I bet you are!

However before I jump right into it, let us find out some basic information about the company.

What is Walmart?

Walmart Inc is an American multinational retail organization created in 1962 by Sam Walton that operates 11,496 retail and discount stores, supercenters, and even grocery stores in a number of states across America and 26 other countries. The stores sell a wide variety of consumer goods and a number of them are found in all 50 states. They are known for offering low-cost quality products that are available to everyone, no matter where they live in the country.


What Company Owns Walmart?

Walmart is a brand from Walton Enterprises LLC which is a family company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is majorly controlled by S Robson, the son of the late Sam Walton who was the founder of the company. In 2019 the company became the biggest US grocery retailer with 65% ($510.329 billion) of its turnover coming from the US alone. According to Wikipedia, the company is #1 on the Fortune Global 500 list of 2020, in terms of revenue.

If you are wondering …


What Companies Are Owned By Walmart?

Here are they:

  • Sams’ Club: A retail store owned and operated by Walmart in the US
  • Asda: A UK retail store majorly owned by Walmart. According to CNN London Business on October 2nd, 2020, Walmart will be selling its major shares for $8.8 billion to a private equity firm called TDR Capital.
  • Seiyu Group, the largest Japanese retail store was bought over in 2018 by Walmart.
  • Flipkart, the largest Singaporean and Indian-based E-commerce company which 81% of shares were bought over by Walmart in August 2018.
  • The company operates its subsidiaries under the name Walmart in the remaining countries

What Are Walmart’s Hours?

If you are wondering what are Walmart's hours, due to COVID 19, this is the latest news from Usatoday

After five months of operating with reduced hours amid the coronavirus pandemic, Walmart will increase hours by 90 minutes at 85% of stores across the nation. Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, reduced hours March 15 ,and then cut them again that same week to 8:30 p.m. -As we continue reopening our operations, the health and safety of our associates, customers and communities will guide our decisions,” Walmart said in a statement to USA TODAY on Friday. “By August 17, more than 4,000 of our 4,700 Walmart stores will expand their closing time from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., providing customers with more options to shop for the food, medicine and supplies they need.-

If you are an investor and you are looking to invest in stocks and wondering …


What is The Current Walmart Stock Price?

According to Businessinsider Walmart Stock is currently selling for $120.29 while it closed yesterday at $141.36.

So, enough ou data, right

How To Enter Walmart Sweepstakes Then?

You need to meet the following conditions to stand a chance to receive the below Walmart gift cards sweepstakes.


  • Be a US Residents
  • Be At least 16 Years Old
  • Fill A Short Form
  • Receive a mail if you are chosen

Walmart Gift Cards Sweepstakes Available

Now that you got the available Walmart Sweepstakes, my question is “did you give them a shot?” They cost you nothing. If you have not done that yet, go ahead and do it. You got nothing to lose.

December 27th, 2020 Walmart Update On Pfizer COVID 19

A number of weeks earlier, Dr. Tom Gilder, Walmart’s primary medical officer, revealed the company was preparing to provide the COVID-19 vaccine in its 5,000 plus drug stores in the United States. But, there was a rumor on social media that the Pfizer immunizer will be sold at Walmart and Sam’s Club for just $20. What really is the truth in all this?

According to the main declaration from Walmart, the business remained in the procedure of obtaining the essential equipment to keep the vaccines in the appropriate conditions. We are talking about a temperature level between -80 and -60 ° C to stay reliable for approximately 6 months. In a common medical facility refrigeration system, the drug will stay feasible for 5 days, Pfizer kept in mind. Learn more on the Walmart website

News About Walmart 2020 Black Friday?

According to Desecretnews

Walmart will offer three November sales days, which begin online and then shift to stores.

The dates are:

Nov 4 to Nov 7 for toys, electronics, and home products.

Nov 11 to Nov. 14 for electronics, movies, music, apparel, home items.

Nov 25 to Nov 27 for electronics, toys, apparel, seasonal decor.

Customers can order their items online and pick them up at the store between three to seven days after the initial purchase.

Walmart is hosting 4 days in November for Black Friday for the first time. If you want to know the items that are currently on sales, these are they:

  • 40% off Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  • 50% off Shark IQ Robot Vacuum R100
  • And a lot of crazy deals on November 27th, the Black Friday day

Click here to learn more

Walmart Sweepstakes 2020 Black Friday

If you like Black Fridays, you will agree with me that they are the right time to get good deals for purchases, and nice win prizes like Walmart sweepstakes, Amazon, and much more.

Although we are just 2 days from this year's Black Friday I just thought of giving you the opportunity to enter the contest. Make sure you check it below.

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Walmart closing time will be extended

According to BONSTON25NEWS publication of October 25th, 2020,

Walmart will extend the closing time to 11 p.m. at most stores. The Bentonville, Arkansas-based retail chain announced that closing times for Walmart stores and Neighborhood Markets will be moved from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. beginning Nov. 14. Stores will keep their 7 a.m. opening times. “This will give customers more time to shop and help us disperse traffic throughout the day,” Walmart said in its tweet.

The variety of customers who wish to secure free item samples from Walmart is quickly increasing. Certainly, the appeal of complimentary item samples can never ever be rejected given that everyone would wish to take in an item and attempt free of charge. Another reason we crave free of charge samplers is that we can at first check them out prior to ultimately choosing to acquire it on the future.

How to check my Walmart gift card balance

Walmart gift cards are extremely versatile, making them a great gift for anyone. Find out how to earn money online to redeem free Swagbucks gift cards.

Checking your gift card balance and using Walmart gift cards can be challenging at times. We have answers and solutions to all frequently asked questions about Walmart gift cards.

What is the balance on my Walmart gift card?

You can check your Walmart Gift Card balance at any Walmart store or by logging in online:

Check your Walmart gift card balance on the Walmart Gift Card Balance page at

Enter the card number and PIN code. If you have an eGift card, the PIN code can be found in the confirmation email.

Select “Get card balance”.

If you are someone that likes doing everything from the phone, you can check it from your phone as well.

Call 1–888–537–5503 to check the balance.

Provide the plastic gift card number or e-card number of your Walmart card.

If you have an old Walmart gift card without a PIN, an associate at any Walmart store will need to verify the gift card balance for you. Upon request, they can transfer funds from the old gift card to a new physical gift card with a PIN code.

Where can I find my Walmart gift card PIN?

You will find your PIN code on the back of your physical Walmart gift card, just above the barcode number.

What if I don’t have a PIN for my Walmart gift card?

Some Walmart gift cards may not have a PIN code. If your Walmart Gift Card does not have a PIN, you can redeem the Gift Card at a local Walmart store, but you will not be able to use it on In some cases, you may be able to exchange a PIN-less gift card for a new PIN-prepaid card. This card exchange must take place at the store.

How can I check my Walmart gift card balance without the PIN?

To check your Walmart Gift Card balance, you need to scratch the PIN code on the back of the card.

You will need to disclose the PIN code when you want to check your balance.

This is a theft protection measure to prevent others from stealing your gift card balance. If the gift card does not have a PIN, you should still be able to use the outstanding balance at Walmart retail stores, but the card cannot be used at

How do I add funds to my Walmart gift card balance?

There are several ways to add additional funds to your Walmart Gift Card balance.

Visit and enter the gift card number, enter the amount you want to add, and then proceed to pay. To add funds to your Walmart Gift Card online, you will also need to link a bank account. You can do this by providing your debit card number or checking account number and routing number. Visa debit cards are the most common method used to add additional funds.

Instead, you can do this at a physical Walmart store. A sales associate can top up your Walmart gift card with additional funds. Please note that you cannot fund third-party gift cards (i.e. prepaid Visa cards) purchased from a Walmart store.

How Is A Walmart eGift card different from A Walmart Gift card?

A Walmart gift card is a real physical plastic card. It can be used at Walmart stores or to shop online at

A Walmart eGift Card is a Walmart digital gift code and comes in the form of a code. It is sent to the recipient by email. A Walmart eGift card will arrive within 48 hours of purchase, but it usually only takes a few minutes. A Walmart eGift Card can be used online or in-store. All you need to do is print the email you received that contains the barcode for the eGift Card.


Where can I use my Walmart gift card?

You can use a Walmart Gift Card issued in the United States or an eGift Card at any of these online or offline locations in the United States, including Puerto Rico:

Sam’s Club service stations

Walmart stores

Walmart gas stations

Sam’s Club Stores

If you are not a Sam’s Club member, you can still shop at Sam’s Club stores at the Photo Center, Club Cafe, Liquor Store, Optical Center, or Pharmacy. If you want full access to all products and services in the store, you can visit the Sam’s Club website and get a day pass through guest registration. Invited members will be charged a service charge of 10% on top of all merchandise prices listed, except in certain waived service charge locations. You can get a free membership if a member of your household is a Sam’s Club member. This person can create their account as a second free member. For additional members, there is a $ 40 fee.

What Are the Things I Can Buy with My Walmart gift card?

Your Walmart gift card can be used to purchase Walmart products and services offered at any of these locations, including home, bathroom, garden, fuel, auto parts and auto services, television and electronic devices, game consoles and video games, iPads, and certain Apple products. , clothes, furniture, toys, etc.

Best Way To Get Walmart Free Samples

Walmart being the primary store has actually currently comprehended this customer habits and had actually taken actions to endeavor with this requirement and long for. Plus, it would belong to Walmart’s social obligation to help clients in constructing outsmart purchases.

You will need to do the research through Walmart’s free stuff site. When you land on the site, go to the “Free Stuff” Page. You will find different categories of free stuff like free magazines, free foods, free baby stuff, and much more.

Throughout the procedure, you may need to respond to some mini-survey to be able to grab the product.

Securing free samples will basically be an extra opportunity for you to conserve that hard-earned cash and for some factor might ultimately lead you out of financial obligation. Hence, Walmart Free Samples can be a beneficial budgeting tool easily offered.

Walmart Credit Card

Walmart offers great rewards and incentives to its members. The card itself has a few different rewards. There are some major benefits of getting a Walmart card. A few of these include cashback, which means that every time that you make a purchase you will receive a percentage of that amount back. You’ll also get discounts on the items you purchase at the store, on grocery products and food, gasoline, home improvement products, movies, and television shows. There are also other coupons available if you shop at specific stores.

The other big thing about Walmart’s rewards is the fact that you can earn discounts every time you go to the store. Each time that you go to the store, you can earn up to one hundred percent of your money back, which is great!

This card is designed to keep you happy, and the perks are really good.


Why Should You Sell On Walmart?

There are many reasons why you may want to sell on Walmart.

  1. No fees to pay every month

The good thing about selling and Walmart is that you have nothing to pay monthly. you only pay a referral fee based on what you sell. Walmart is made available for merchants so that they can make enough profits on their sales.

4. Authority and Trust

By selling on Walmart you will have more authority. people will trust your products and they will feel more comfortable buying your products because you are leveraging a big brand like Walmart.

3. Exposure for your brand

By listing your products on the Walmart marketplace the possibility of having more eyeballs on your products is very high. This may translate to more traffic to your website.

2. Less competition

Even Though I’m going to help you set up your profile on Walmart and get accepted. I must clearly tell you that it is not easy to sell on Walmart. In fact, it is harder to sell on Walmart than it is on Amazon. To get this right, abide by Walmart’s rule and you will be accepted.

3. Sales conversions are quicker

When you sell on Walmart you don’t need to Pay for a buy box like on Amazon before you can enjoy all the buy box benefits. All you have to do is to reduce your product prices as much as you can.

4. Quicker checkout process

Walmart's checkout process is a lot easier than any other platform. We are living in a world where buyers don’t want to spend much time on anything they are doing. They want to quickly check out and get their products. Therefore, this may lead to a better conversion for you.

You are probably fascinated by the benefit the platform can offer you, right?

Let’s talk about how you can sell on Walmart


How To Find The Nearest Walmart Store

The expression, ‘Save Money, Live Better, is something we are all familiar with. Numerous of us like shopping at Walmart due to the economical costs. We may not be familiar with the various areas of Walmart shops.

This is a simple Walmart shop locator approach you can utilize in order to discover your nearby Walmart shop. You can likewise quickly find a shop by making use of a Walmart Store Finder

The Walmart shop finder has a unique filter that permits you to choose the services you require at your Walmart shop. On the Walmart finder website, you have likewise enabled the versatility to browse for Walmart shops within a range figured out by you, and you can select the type of shop you are looking for as well, either it is a Walmart supercenter or a community market.

The finder will find shops that fall under that classification and list them out for you. This Walmart finder function is extremely practical as it enables you to identify the precise services you require at the shop you are looking for.

Let’s learn how to sell on Walmart.

How Does Walmart Sweepstakes Work?

Walmart is actually the No 1 choice of the majority of Americans when it pertains to home items as a result of the most affordable costs, variety of items, and also excellent savings.

Plus you can also have a chance to win a Walmart gift card. If you have just bought some new items at the store, all you have to do is to talk about your experience and this will give you a chance to enter various Walmart sweepstakes.

For instance, the Walmart $1,000 gift card month-to-month sweepstakes permit you to say your thoughts. Your authentic reviews, recommendations, as well as criticisms concerning its own companies and also items assist it to improve. No sort of purchase is necessary before you can voice out your mind as to Walmart services and products. Yes, you may enter the Walmart survey online with no investment. You do not have to buy any additional items to increase your chances of winning $1000 dollars Walmart sweepstakes monthly.


December 21st News From Walmart USA

Walmart revealed on Monday December 21st, 2020 that it will get products delivered by (and to be returned) from consumers’ houses through a brand-new collaboration with FedEx (FDX). The retailer mentioned that the “extremely practical” choice is free of charge and will not change even after the hectic vacation shopping season. The new free service is called “Carrier Pickup by FedEx,”

How Does Walmart Carrier Pickup by FedEx WorK?

To make use of the brand-new service known as “Carrier Pickup by FedEx,” consumers have to initiate a return procedure on Walmart’s app or site to plan a date for pick up and print label. A Fedex employee will come and pick it up.
For those that do not have a printer, they can likewise go to any of the approximately 2,000 United States FedEx Office places to return the item and get a QR code from Walmart’s site and a FedEx worker will print a free of charge return label and ship it back — a comparable service that is currently used by Amazon and UPS.


What Made Walmart Creat Carrier Pickup By FedEx

The brand-new shipping choices come as Walmart’s United States online sales skyrocketed 79% in the last quarter, showing that in the middle of another strong holiday people will be doing practically everything online throughout the pandemic.
Walmart (WMT) is trying to hearken off obstacles from its biggest competitor, Amazon (AMZN). Clients who purchase products on amazon can drop off bundles with no label or box at some Kohl’s, Whole Foods Markets, and UPS lockers and shops. Some products are likewise qualified to be received at home through UPS with a payment of a fee.

How To Sell On Walmart?

Walmart is the largest retail store chain in the United States. Do you aspire to be a part of this incredible business? If you say yes, then let’s dive into it

1. Register online

It will take you about 10 minutes to fill out the form. After that, you will receive another form from Walmart to complete your registration.

2. Build your profile

There’s some information you need to provide so that the Walmart marketplace can recognize you as a partner. you will need information like your tax information, sales tax policy, shipping tax codes, etc. you will also need to provide your company information like logo name and a brief customer service policy description. You will have to provide your company’s details like your return policy, your shipping plan, phone number email as well as a privacy policy for customers information, etc

3. verify your bank details

Walmart will deposit a very small amount of money in your account like what we normally do with paper when we want to verify our account. You will just have to confirm some details to prove ownership of the account.


4. Start listing your items

The process is the same like on Amazon:

  • pick a category for the item you are selling
  • Write a good description
  • add a video or a picture and any other thing that you have that can make your buyer feel comfortable taking action.
  • head over to the Seller Centre preview item to check if you have provided all the required information.

5. Get ready to launch

At this level, you will get a pop-up box that will ask you if you are set to launch. if you hit the yes button then your account will go live on Walmart and you may start recording some sales in no time. Congrats!

6. increase your inventory on Walmart

When you have products of the same category it is very easy for you to do some copy and paste of the same description and do some little adjustments may be in terms of colors and your online store is good to go.

7. boost your sales

verify if everything is working perfectly. Send an email to yourself as a test to see approximately how long a buyer will take to reach out to you via email and how long it will take you to reply. Come up with marketing strategies to get your brand noticed.

Once you know how to sell on Walmart, then you will be on the road to success. This is because you will have the necessary skills and knowledge in your hands in order to know how to find out what are the best products to sell.


What Company Offers Walmart Home Deliveries?

At this time Walmart uses companies like DoorDash, Postmates, Point Pickup, and Roadie to offer home delivery from almost 1,600 stores. The charges depend on delivery time but fluctuate between $7.95 to $9.95 per order on the condition that your purchase is at least $30, or free delivery if you are ready to pay $12.95 every month or $98 every year. Most Amazon competitors deliver orders for free for purchases higher than $35 with a Prime membership. Walmart is likewise testing driverless delivery with its specific platform Spark to contend delivery issues and has its own platform to deliver in 31 states. Walmart offers also pickup at some of its 3,100 stores.

Why should you Use A Walmart Credit Card?

Walmart’s credit cards offer a great solution as its rewards programs are quite attractive. The annual percentage rate is lower than most other cards, even the ones that are issued by other companies. That makes the amount you pay out on your purchases cheaper, making it easy for you to use your card without having to worry about how much you actually spend.

There are many other cards available, though. The problem is that each one offers some features, but none of them is as good as the rewards programs offered by Walmart. People tend to use their cards for a wide variety of things, so some cards may not provide the services you need.

In addition, your cards offer perks such as free shipping, no annual fee, and rewards for every dollar you spend with your card.


To get a chance to enter Walmart Sweepstakes you need to fill a short form. You need to be patient while feeling the form and make sure that your information is accurate. If you want to sell on Walmart, follow the company instruction, and you will do well on the platform.


There are affiliate links on this post. This means I will earn a commission if you click one of the links to fill a form and stand a chance to receive a gift card. However doing so, will not cost you any money.

Have you ever received any gift card after filling a form? If yes, please share your experience in the comment session below.

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